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The examples of some cities such as those from Brazil and India show the role of local governments in shaping a pro-poor recycling system. Working conditions and welfare: integration in solid waste systems enables improvements in working conditions uniforms, specially designed carts and buckets for collection of waste; sorting spaces, etc.

In some cases the children of waste pickers can have access to day care or apply for an education scholarship. The first step to overcome poverty and to securing the livelihoods of informal workers is to be organized, as evidence from the ground suggests. Waste pickers are organizing in many different ways — cooperatives, associations, companies, unions, and micro-enterprises The extent and depth of these organizations of waste pickers varies across countries Nevertheless, the author points out that there is another relevant feature, in the case of Brazil, which is State responsiveness to the demands for social inclusion emerging from the social movement of waste pickers Justice Juan Carlos Henao said that the constitutional rights of waste pickers had not been respected and that Bogota Municipality needed to create a new plan with inclusion of all waste pickers This has been one of the reasons and an important motivation for the creation of a Global Alliance of Waste Pickers 17 that can articulate and influence policy issues at the international arena.

Networking has helped showcase experiences of organizing and integration and has served as an inspiration to nascent movements in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, South Africa, and Kenya over the past 3 years. Increase earnings: a Payment for environmental services; b Preferential rights to work on source segregation schemes; c Authorized access to waste materials.

Improve working conditions through: a Capacity building courses: safety at work, technical aspects of recycling, etc. Improved access through: a Clear tendering processes for waste collection so waste pickers can be bidders; b Provision of identity cards; c Legal frameworks for their integration; d Heath care and social protection schemes; e Access to micro finance.

In this approach to waste management, waste picking is seen as outdated, traditional, primitive work. This approach compromises the Human Rights of waste pickers as workers.

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Could we not engage the organizations of waste pickers in shaping an alternative approach to modernization of solid waste? Such a model would allow for an improvement in standards in the provision of solid waste services in a way that also protect livelihoods of the working poor. Would not this be more beneficial to strive for a win-win approach? Why can we not conceptualize modernization processes of SW in a way that is reconciled with the need to address the livelihoods of waste pickers?

This is critical to long term sustainability of poverty alleviation and environmental projects. A people-centred approach to development in the waste industry is most crucial. Chikarmane, P. May, Available at www. Crivellari, H. M; Pena, A de S. Dias, S. February , , Kolkatta, India. Duneir, M.

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New York: FSG. Here's how Walmart and Gensler are working together to create a next-generation campus for the retail giant's employees and the Bentonville community. For big business, protecting the environment often means padding the bottom line.

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Nike Inc. That has kept more than 3. The company is spending less on transportation, materials and waste disposal. Those flimsy plastic water bottles sold by Nestle SA? The ultra-thin design has a smaller impact on the environment while pushing down costs associated with packaging and shipping.

Tech giants have spent billions of dollars on solar and wind power, cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and energy expenditures at the same time. Alphabet Inc.

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United redesigned airplane bathrooms, switched out beverage carts and ended duty-free sales. The company was also working on reducing its cabin waste to zero. Clarion Partners LLC does that at all of its hotels and went a step further by reducing flows through toilets, faucets and showerheads. That means scores of semis standing in traffic at any given time. Exxon Mobil signed up to energize its operations in Texas with solar and wind energy starting next year, which would place the oil producer among the top 10 buyers.

Paperless Bathrooms Are CheaperRestaurants, movie theaters and others have been making the switch from paper towels to hand dryers in their restrooms for years. Dryers have become the norm because of the savings on the cost of paper towels and the expense of sending garbage to the landfill. Two years ago, however, the company added incentives for customers who return used items. Type: CS Barcode: X7DE2F Action Date: 30 September Category: Accounts.

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