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The Year I Met You

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Jonathan Coe. The Second Sleep. She is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over twenty-five million copies of her novels worldwide. Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series. She lives in Dublin with her family. I loved the ease of reading this book and really fell for all the characters. Love the writing style and that it doesn't end how you think it will.

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It keeps you guessing : very much enjoyed! Do with yours what you may, but dont drag me into it; I have none to waste. If you want to do something, you have to do it now.

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If you want to say something, you have to say it now. And more impor- tantly, you have to do it yourself. Its your life, youre the one who dies, youre the one who loses it. It became my practice to move, to make things happen. I worked at a rhythm that often left me so breathless I could barely catch a moment to become at one with myself. I chased myself a lot, perhaps I rarely caught up; I was fast. I held a lot of fear in my heart then, but not long after that, in the only way a fve-year-old could process it, the fear left me.

I always thought of death as Granddad Adalbert Mary beneath the ground, still growing his garden even though he wasnt here, and I felt hope.

You reap what you sow, even in death. And so I got about sowing. Theyd hired a woman to fre me for them, one of these outside agencies trained in letting unwanted employees go properly, to avoid a scene, a lawsuit or their own embarrassment. Shed taken me out for lunch, somewhere quiet, let me order a Caesar salad and then just had a black coffee herself, and sat there watching me practically choke on my crouton while she informed me of my new employment situation. I suppose Larry knew that I wouldnt take the news from him or anyone else, that Id try to convince him to change his mind, that Id slap him with a lawsuit or simply slap him.

Hed tried to let me die with honour, only I didnt feel much honour when I left. Being fred is public, I would have to tell people. And if I didnt have to tell people its because they already knew. I felt embarrassed. I feel embarrassed. I began my working life as an accountant. The story I tell is that after eighteen months I left to start up my own business after becoming so inspired by those passing through my offce I was overcome with the desire to turn my own ideas into a reality.

The truth is that I became irritated by seeing people not doing it properly, my quest for effciency always my driver, and so started my own business. It became so successful someone offered to buy it. So I sold it. Then I set up another business and again, I sold it. I quickly developed the next idea. The third time I didnt even have long enough to develop the idea because somebody loved the concept, or hated that it would be a strong rival to theirs, and bought it straight away. This led me to a working relationship with Larry, the most recent start-up and the only job that I have ever been fred from.

The business concept was not my initial idea but Larrys, we developed the idea together, I was a co-founder and nurtured that baby like it had come from my own womb. I helped it grow. I watched it mature, develop beyond our wildest dreams, and then prepared for the moment when we would sell it.

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That didnt happen. I got fred. The business was called the Idea Factory; we helped organisations with their own big ideas. We were not a consultancy frm. Wed either take their ideas and make them better or create our own, develop them, implement them, see them through completely.

The big idea might go from being Daily Fix, a newspaper for a local coffee shop with local stories, a publication that would support local businesses, writers, artists; or it might be a sex shops deci- sion to sell ice cream which, as my idea, was an enormous success, both personally and professionally. We didnt struggle during the recession, we soared.

We sold our imagination, and I loved it. As I analyse it now in my idle days I can see that my relationship with Larry had begun to break down some time ago. I was heading, perhaps blindly, towards the sell the company route, as I had done three times already, while he was still planning on keeping it. A big problem, with hind- sight. I think I pushed it too much, fnding interested parties when I knew deep down that he wasnt interested, and that put him under too much pressure.

The Year I Met You

He believed seeing it through meant continuing to grow it, whereas I believed seeing something through meant selling it and starting again with something else.